We have over 20 years of experience with planning driving routes for both UK and International events with the following aims;

  1. To create an enjoyable, stress-free educational drive for the delegates, without the need for a close convoy
  2. To deliver a route that is as safe as possible, especially driver change points
  3. To ensure that event timings are not compromised due to traffic

We can either help work with your own staff or manage the entire route design for you.

We have developed specialist software to help deliver the best service possible, and can capture speed camera locations, speed limits and potential driver or vehicle change locations to name a few.

We can also identify what we call 'script windows', which is a stretch of road that is suitable for delivering a key training message to the delegates, with no interruptions from the satellite navigation system - this can be delivered using our our AutoGuide+ product.

route design

To learn more about how we can help you deliver a more enjoyable and safer event drive, just fill in your details on our contact page.