Do you want a new and improved dealership test drive experience for your customers?

The AutoGuide+ app can deliver the benefits of a simple and reliable method of providing a consistent product story and brand message experience for all, or  just selected, prospect test drives. You can now be in total control of what messages the prospect hears and discovers about the vehicle and brand, during their test drive. Imagine the experiential benefits that AutoGuide+ can provide: interactive, reliable and a consistent method of communicating with your valuable prospects. This can be with a salesperson present or unaccompanied when you deem appropriate.

Numerous different routes can be recorded, along with a choice of commentary, the appropriate route and commentary is then selected before the drive begins. The routes driven and the number of test drives conducted can be recorded for data analysis purposes. Never again wonder how many test drives have been conducted, you can know and examine these results and prove to the sales teams that 'bums on seats' sell cars.

You also have the benefit of knowing where your prospect is at all times, as the app can display the location on a map. Speed information is also stored on our secure Cloud servers in case of speeding tickets.

The route and commentary can be recorded using our bespoke AutoSurvey app. This is then uploaded to our secure Cloud servers, which can then be downloaded to any Android smartphone.

We can also offer training to help Sales staff identify effective test drive routes, with or without AutoGuide+ - please visit our dedicated page on this.

Contact us now and find out how easy it is to experience the benefits of using GSL.