You drive, we track!

Our AutoTrack system provides the solution to help with the practical logistics of running an automotive event. Never again will you have to wonder exactly where the convoy or an individual vehicle is, you will be able to view the exact position of any event vehicle (or group of vehicles) on any internet connected device.

The solution has been designed specifically for driving events and we are able to highlight the delegate route(s) and also add markers for driver and vehicle change points.

*NEW* AutoTrack now offers visual speeding alerts and a real-time driver speed graph overlaid with actual road speed limits and client configurable speeding alert limits. We also can provide alerts for when delegates drive off the chosen route, which means that the client doesn't have to watch what is going on all the time.

AutoTrack has already proven to be invaluable in aiding the logistics of the event but also in terms of encouraging safer driving styles and ultimately recording the whole drive and easily facilitating the management of speeding fines (or worse).

To learn more about AutoTrack and its abilities to track the vehicle in real time and to record the whole drive to help with duty of care concerns, just fill in your details on our contact page and we will send you a brochure as well as an invitation to experience AutoTrack yourself.