Event route planning & design made easy!

Updated Jan 2018 - The AutoSurvey app now has the ability to move new or existing waypoints from within the app. Plus, we have added the ability to record the Product Story (or even safety messages) from within the app too, allowing it to become an all-in-one tool for clients who need to manage this aspect of the event themselves.

Our AutoSurvey app has been specifically developed for the event market to aid the capture of the chosen route(s) in digital format. Our bespoke software runs on a tablet or touchscreen phone and will allow you to record (and later display) speed limits, add a voice recording to aid Product Story placement. You can also take photos and place them on the route along with a number of other useful tools. It will also capture the mobile signal strength along the route to help identify the best mobile network.

To learn more about AutoSurvey and its abilities to track the individual driver in real time and to record the whole drive to help with duty of care concerns, just fill in your details on our contact page and we will send you a brochure as well as an invitation to experience AutoSurvey yourself.