The end of driver Log Books?

AutoID has been developed following client demands to provide an automated method of capturing who is driving the vehicle in real-time, and to record and store this information for a predetermined period post-event and all without the need for the event personnel to action anything at all!

No more scanning or writing down names and no more delays at driver and vehicle change points. Depending on the vehicle, it is also possible to detect who is driving with no interaction from the driver.

*NEW* AutoID has been enhanced to include driver speed analysis and the ability to show passengers, as well as drivers, all in real-time! We have also implemented immediate visual notification should a non-approved driver start to drive.

To learn more about AutoID and its abilities to track the individual driver in real time and to record the whole drive to help with duty of care concerns, just fill in your details on our contact page and we will send you a brochure as well as an invitation to experience AutoID yourself.