The all-in-one solution for your driving events!

Our recently launched AutoGuide+ app combines all the unique features of our successful AutoGuide product with minimal installation and setup costs. 

The app can be installed on most modern smartphones1 and can connect to the vehicle via Bluetooth. And with an extended battery pack can last all day, whilst being completely wire-free. AutoGuide+ also incorporates both vehicle and driver tracking into the same app making it easier and quicker to configure and operate.

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Furthermore, in conjunction with our AutoSurvey app, you now have the ability to manage the drive aspects of your driving events end-to-end.

To learn more about AutoGuide+ and its abilities to not only communicate with the vehicle occupants but also data log the journey, to help with duty of care concerns, just fill in your details on our contact page and we will send you more information as well as an invitation to experience AutoGuide+ yourself.

1 Android support from Q1 2018, min CPU / RAM constraints apply