Updated March 2021

GSL take the effects and impact of the virus very seriously and we are 100% committed to the UK Government guidelines.

For all events that we attend in during 2020/2021 (regardless of the current Covid alert status) we will wipe down all GSL equipment with appropriate cleaning agents to minimise the risk of transfer of the virus. This may result in this process taking place several times during an event day. GSL staff will also carry personal santisers at all times. If requested by the event organisers, GSL staff will also wear face coverings.

For events where GSL supply equipment, then all equipment will be cleansed before dispatch to the Client, however it then becomes the responsibility of the Client to carry out frequent cleansing of the GSL equipment.

We can offer Covid-friendly solutions depending on the current status of the UK (and European if applicable) alert status and can provide contingencies in the event that the alert status changes prior to an event.

Stay Safe.

AutoGuide+ is now completely wire-free

Guidance Solutions have extended their AutoGuide+ product, now offering a fully wire-free platform including all-day battery and Bluetooth audio connectivity to the vehicles head unit.

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AutoGuide Plus Multi-lingual Videos

We have just added videos demonstrating some of the key features of the new AutoGuide+ app in English and also in German.

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AutoGuide Plus Training Videos

Guidance Solutions have released a series of training videos for new and existing clients to help train non-technical users on the new AutoGuide+ app.

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GSL AutoSurvey App has been enhanced

Guidance Solutions have updated their AutoSurvey app to now include the ability to move new or existing waypoints and also added the ability to record the Product Story from directly within the app.

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GSL branded vehicle hits the road

After Months of planning and tweaking of the design, Guidance Solutions have just released their uniquely branded vehicle into the wild.

This is our mobile marketing tool and is sure to catch your eye if you spot it on the road.


GSL Branded Vehicle



GSL release their all new AutoGuide Plus app

Guidance Solutions have launched a new product AutoGuide+. Based on our renowned AutoGuide product, it has been converted into an app that runs on most Smartphones and Tablets.

AutoGuide Plus

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GSL deliver their first Electric Vehicle (EV) event

Guidance Solutions have just returned from Silverstone, where they helped Porsche deliver an event that involved both the new Porsche Panamera Hybrid and a selection of electric only vehicles.

The nature of the event required GSL to be able to track who was driving the EVs at all times with the ability to transfer any equipment over to another vehicle in just a few seconds as the vehicles had differing ranges depending on what the model was and how they were being driven.

Porsche Panamera Hybrid



GSL proud to be involved with the new Range Rover Velar

Guidance Solutions provided its bespoke vehicle and driver tracking solutions to Land Rover to aid the launch of the new Range Rover Velar  to the European dealer network. Land Rover Velar



GSL add speeding alerts to AutoTrack

Guidance Solutions have extended the capabilities of their AutoTrack platform to include real-time driver speed analysis and road speed limit mapping.

This feature compares the real-time driver speed vs. the actual road speed limit and can provide both audible and visual alerts to the client, as well as printed reports.

Speed alerts

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GSL launch another new product - AutoSurvey

Guidance Solutions have launched a new smartphone-based app to help event organisers digitally map the route and record actual road speed limits, highlight speed camera locations and also embed voice notes and even photographs.


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GSL help launch the new Land Rover Discovery

Guidance Solutions have successfully delivered an event in Spain to help launch the new Land Rover Discovery to the European dealer network. Land Rover Logo



Off-line mode now available for AutoID

Guidance Solutions have added a new feature to their AutoID handheld app, to include the ability to store driver data if the local coverage (WiFi or 3G) is congested or unavailable.

This feature was added based on actual event experience, where we were unable to get a GSM signal due to being under-cover.

AutoID by GSL

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Porsche use AutoGuide with Panamera

Guidance Solutions have successfully delivered an event in Silverstone, UK to help launch the new Porsche Panamera Turbo to the UK dealer network. Porsche Logo



Off-route alerts now available via AutoTrack

Guidance Solutions have added a new feature to their AutoTrack platform, to include audible and visual alerts when one of the delegate vehicles strays off-route.

This feature is designed to make life easier for the client, and enables them to perform other tasks and not have to monitor the event vehicles 100% of the time.

off route alerts

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AutoID used successfully with Jaguar F-Pace launch

Guidance Solutions have successfully delivered an event in Seville, Spain with Jaguar to help launch the new Jaguar F-Pace.

Our newly developed AutoID product was put to the test over 23 days and 40000+ kms.

The client received daily hard-copy reports on who was driving, but could also log into our online platform to actually see where they were and what speed they were traveling, enabling post-event analysis in the event of a speeding ticket.

Jaguar F-Pace



GSL launch another new product - AutoID

Guidance Solutions reveal AutoID, the latest development to bolster our event product suite.

The system fully automates the process for capturing the current driver, reducing the need for support staff at driver change points whilst still meeting Duty of Care responsibilities.

We believe this is a world first for vehicle events and clients have the option of silk branded wristbands or full colour printed lanyard smartcards.


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