** No Longer Available **

Bringing your event to life!

Our AutoGuide product is proven to enhance any driving event, whilst significantly improving safety and training effectiveness on launch events by allowing the delivery of the Product Story whilst the delegates are driving the vehicle. It provides a level of interaction that is not possible in a classroom, triggered at precise locations along your chosen route.

AutoGuide was designed entirely by Guidance Solutions. Our focused team wrote the bespoke software that has, over the last decade and a half, seen several versions and our current system is physically very small but with huge capabilities to help with the delivery of any automotive, dealer training, consumer or press event. It's simple to operate, languages can be changed in a matter of seconds and most of all, is reliable.

Here are some sample clips to let you experience what the delegates could hear whilst they drive - let your imagination run wild!

To learn more about AutoGuide and its abilities to not only communicate with the vehicle occupants but also data log the journey, to help with duty of care concerns, just fill in your details on our contact page and we will send you a brochure as well as an invitation to experience AutoGuide yourself.